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    Ryder GS (olli43)

    At least add mod support!! All can be fixed by the players!!

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    Caelon Range

    Here are some changes that could be made. This is not my video I promise.

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    Jim McMaster

    Your new Zombies spawns of 20+ zed are appearing within feet of you while you look at it happening. 


    Your infestations are spawning by the twos & threes literally multiple times within minutes of each other starting on day two. Especially if "Action Hero" is one of your ongoing storylines. It's making keeping moral for a starting group a mop up of areas you can't get to & can't assault without some time gathering supplies.

    Vehicle spawns on maps are down to less than minimal. (two to three at best?) Oh gee, I guess you're trying to push your DLC transactions.


    Weapons? Also now near gone, utterly removed form most military checkpoints on most map incarnations.


    Do you even playtest these patches before going forward with them? Or has the money been made so its moot at this point?

    The same you can't MAKE us play co-op on your wave after wave zombie buster arcade. 

    Most of this bought this as a zombie survival game, in an effort to enjoy a few hours of trying to rebuild after such an apocalypse on our computer...Constantly catering to the Xbox CoD crowd is turning people away.


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    Vincent cummins

    Hi all

    Is anyone else having this issue.

    I have not selected a group leader yet but when I look at an item or look at leveling up my player it always has the leader persons leader stats there.


    I wish I could add the pictures to support my issues. 



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    Big Steve

    I think that a mod menu on Xbox One would be nice. After playing the game over and over again with the same problems and situations, it would be nice to have a play through with an all Military crew, owning other cool player created bases. Even with the DLCs it all gets a bit dull after like a couple of days.

    Mod creators can also fix minor mods that might not be worth developers time like clipping issues for zombies and cars.

    I reckon people would alot more inclined to buy or re download the game with the addition of player created content which 99% of the time is amazing. I just hope a mod menu can come to consoles in the future so the game can be enjoyable and played long after its time is up.

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    Zachary miller

    Lots of big improvements love them. Containers stoped disappearing as much. In my base, still lose my followers occasionally.but love the inventory changes.

    That being said....Wtf daybreak is Insaine now. I've run 10 missions and haven't unlocked the next item

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    Zachary miller

    The dam bloat clouds with boater sprint at you. It's to much. The clouds need to be lessen affective or something. Easyer setting. We completed 1

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    Zachary miller

    Of those 10 runs and I think that was a bug bacuse nothing but jugglers and a few normies came at us.
    I've been play religiously since the release of SOD1 in my top r games af all time. SO LITSTEN WHEN I EMPLORE YOU. Give a us story. Where are the charicters we want to get to know. Add a little romance to the apocalypse. After the into mission there's nothing to time al the random crazy missions together. Add a story mode or add an easy/slower pacesed setting, so I can stop and engoy the notes /side stories.

    The sandbox is awesome but just like bathezda is learning the giant opne beautiful world is Not enough to satisfy our hunger for strong quality NPC's

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    Zachary miller

    I NOW HATE Bloaters more than screamers. Thanks a LOT CLEO.
    Oh and one last issue. What happen to the snapshot targeting? It's not working on any guns anymore. Daybreak or stories. I've never been grate at among manualy and it's kill my game. Is that on purpose.No right. You need it without the time slow ability on rifle

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    Zachary miller

    No really haw to I turn the assisted targeting back on. It marked in settings.

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    Vincent cummins

    I have been through all the posts on here with patch 6.0 and there is not one comment from any state of decay representative.

    See I thought this was going to take zombie games to the next level but in face it's just upgraded graphics of the first. Zombies the same harder zombies the same looting the same.

    Why in the new game can't we rename our group or why can't we have 3 followers from your community or select someone from your community to go looking for ruck sacks or cars or more valuable loot.

    State of decay said at the beginning they will listen to us as we play the games and give accurate feed back.

    Why can't we choose our own first Base and use all the space available within each Base.

    Hordes are good but I was stood in a gas station after clearing it all and nothing around to have a horde spawn in the same place. I have seen loads more juggernauts so close together.
    The XP for high ranked zombies is not fair.
    5 XP for screamer
    25 XP for fare
    50 XP for juggernaut
    Juggernauts are loads harder but XP does not show that.

    Come on state of decay answer our messages. Show us your not another company who take our money and don't listen to our issues. Make this game good again please.

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    Matt M

    I have been playing State of Decay 2 for a while now (62 Legacies) and I think that the game could use some difficulty scaling with each legacy completed (similar to breakdown) to make it fun again. Or a separate hardcore mode to prevent complaints. What I mean by difficulty scaling is harder zombie attacks, scarcer resources, more special zombies, more hostile survivors (Raider Attacks?), and more zombies. I like how you increased horde size because it is a step in the right direction. Just wanted to share my thoughts. Thanks for all your hard work. ;)


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    After short time i want to play this game, because i have good feelings with it in past...

    and i love your patches, but PLEASE give us an option to stop moving by crouching.

    i want simple go in cover, when a horde is moving forward me, but the automatic "go" movement makes me crazy.

    i dont understand, why this "movement" is in the game now... please make it undone, or give us a option.


    thank you

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    Great work i love the new hoards got my friend killed..a hoard of pleuge zombies

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    C. David Shada

    So I’m a huge fan but I’m hoping the next update will allow for more community members beyond the 11 count.

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    Stan Sebastian G

    Can you please add a base building element to the game? We want to customize our communities the way we want. We dont want to play carbon copy cookie cutter sessions.

    Allow us to have multiple "home" bases where we have to balance our presence amongst all of them. We'd have to drive to assist in defending one home or be torn between two at time.

    Have a mission where a group calls for help and you can board up their windows and make the survival element much more interesting.

    We dont want the game to be harder, we want it to be challenging. Let us build defenses and try to make a town a base instead of just a building. It would be more challenging defending a bigger plot of land with multiple buildings from zombies and human attacks. 

    This game can be so much better but you guys are crippling your own game.

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    C. David Shada

    ^^^^ Exactly!!! great ideas!!!

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    Fael Justo

    Hi, I'm a fan of you and this is the first time I make a suggestion.

    I would suggest a new pach which in my view is very important and would greatly increase the fun and strategy of the game.

    would be more fun and strategic if we could use base characters in other missions without controlling them.

    for example: use the radio menu to send a group to search for specific resources for the base such as food, ammunition, remedies, fuel, weapons, etc.

    also often have many missions to which we do not give alone and it would be good to send a group of our base to solve the problems of the community, except major missions.

    type: requests for help from an unknown people or group, requests for help from an ally, destroy house infestation, destoy pestilent nucleus as well.

    the success of the group depends on several factors, such as experience of the chosen characters, type of weapons,
    knowledge and skills of the characters such as: specific computer skills (to break electronic gates), chemistry (to use chemical arsenal or to collect specific substances), driver (to drive a car), shooter (to improve the use of firearms, hits or errors of shots and damage), various fights (to do well using melee weapons), intelligence to use survival strategies and hidden during the mission, etc ...

    In addition, survivors could be used more strategically on the basis of defending. we could choose among the survivors who would be at the forefront of base combat in case of invasion.

    and what kind of weapons they have to defend.

    and finally, there should be more base defense options and more invasions as well, defenses that would depend on a builder's ability to be built, such as solid walls, defense towers, staked holes, window blocking (like state of decay 1), and repairs on base after the invasion.

    To drive a car without causing additional damage for driving, you need to learn the driver's ability.


    that would make each character more unique and we would feel the loss of anyone, even if it was a janitor.

    I thank you for your patience and I really hope you will read and discuss my suggestion.


    hugs a fan

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