Patch 7.0 - Choose Your Own Apocalypse




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    Marcos Tolentino

    Any time that I give any of my survivors a plague cure, whether it be self administered, or giving it to someone else, the game crashes entirely. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled while still having the same issues. This is in nightmare mode.

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    Jomar Rodriguez

    this update broke my game, game crashes when i enter a community or when i pretty much do anything pass the main menu.

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    Hello, first, this is really nice update, but is there will be some new DLC ? Daybreak is nice, but at this one, its can turn up in something more cool than it is, what about some new maps? Or, do Daybreak like living event? With weekly map change and circle of new items to get? It have so much options :) But at this point, new DLC with little story for the community we already have will be nice too :)

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    Matthew Rodke

    So I have a major problem I need help with. I moved a community into nightmare more and I’m on survival day 214 at container fort. When I load into my game now if I try to kill a place heart or turn in a rucksack of any kind my game freezes and crashes. Can someone please help me or come out with a patch or something cause I can’t even play the game as it sits... it’s for Xbox one and it’s getting really frustrating. gt is XxXDesertFoxXxX please help.

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    Yes It'sTotallyADude

    I have a request that might be too much but I’ll ask anyways. Can you add a boxing fighting style? And by doing that you could add boxing gloves, brass knuckles, and even be able to use your fist. This would be a fun mechanic, and imagine fighting a juggernaut 1 on 1, fist only. Achievements would also be available like “Survive to the third wave using boxing gloves”. This is also a way to spice up the gameplay when just pressing X and B to fight enemies with your melee. You could add different combos like if you held B you did an uppercut so then you uppercut, punch, kick it could send the zed flying back. If you read this I hope you add my request to the game and I actually love playing it for hours. State of Decay 3 on Nintendo switch? That would be perfect.

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    Lessa W

    Hi. I am on Xbox one. And I use the translator ..

    Well, since everyone expresses their expectations and opinions, I also want to express mine! I bought the ultimate edition so I have this right .. ^^

    My wait is quite simple; a cheat menu! Quit to disable the coop mode and successes, but a cheat menu! This is only my responsibility and that's what I expect from the game The game is great, but I can not manage the gameplay .. and between the hordes and the mastodons is worse and worse ... I have all the legacies but ..

    If I could remove the hordes and behemoths, change my characters (traits, skills, clothes, etc.), build my base as I see it, or have everything I want spawn kind of NPC, or even better zombies that would be even better! An editor why not ..

    Yes I know I know the song "noob", etc. but I want to be able to cheat and not be bored, because here I'm bored but serious! Because of the loss of random resources, behemoths everywhere, hordes that do not forgive, human enemies (even without enclave) .. must not be abused! I want to make the most of the game. And since the addition of hordes the game micro-saccade ...

    Please incorporate this cheat menu, or something similar .. make it a real sandbox!

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    Caleb Greene

    I hope this is the right place to put this. I spent way too many hours farming Daybreak and co-op for supplies in anticipation of this DLC. I loaded the game back up today with the intention of spending weeks on it again, only to find that the legacy booms are locked in higher difficulties, and there's no way I can unlock them and keep all my stuff and Red Talon soldiers at the same time. This was very disappointing and is a game breaker for me, as all those hours would have been wasted. Please consider adding a workaround to this, so I dont have to choose between losing all my stuff or playing without boons (the builder one is essential for maintaining a community for any length of time.) Thanks for your time!

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    Daniel Cala

    I have a couple of comments:

    1. Sometimes the survivors do not appear in the game, but when you choose them there is a loading screen before you take control of them. I guess it's to save processing resources, but it's kind of annoying because sometimes the survivors infected with the blood plague disappear too, and you have to risk them dying (for example, the survivor has 3 seconds left to succumb to the Blood plague In the time you lose selecting it and looking for the cure itself, he/she can die), when it would be more useful to stop his blood plague with the infirmary and give him/her a cure with another survivor.
    2. The survivors do not lie down / rest in the beds of the big facilities (Sheriff's Field Hospital, or in the Barracks) which makes it more difficult and annoying to find them to give them a cure with another survivor.

    The gaming experience would improve if these 2 issues were corrected.

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    Juan Francisco Blanco Luna

    Please stop the kamikaze IA, I was trying nightmare zone and get 3 companions killed cause they keep fightingh to hordes + ferals + juggernauts till die. They don't follow you, they just are stupid and suicidal. Think it's difficult enough to do everything solo cause companions are completely useless in this modes.

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