All Plague Hearts defeated, but my Legacy mission will not start!




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    Justin Kurtz

    Hello im a customer of state of decay 2 I have had the game before it was released none of these things helped can you please fix the game glitch

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    lynn holleman

    I had the same problem and remembered that at certain plague hearts, I didn't collect all the items it contained after it died so some didn't collapse. I'm thinking that that is a necessary step before you get credit for that particular heart. I started over (simply because I didn't remember where they all had been and I didn't want to scour the map to find them). I take all the items now even if I immediately drop them and have not had this problem since. Hope this helps.

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    Roger Morales

    I had this game for one month and I almost had 2/4 of the legacy traits done but this glitch is keeping me for finishing the game I would like it if you where to kindly lead me to the right detection in the game or to go fix the bug

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    Lenka Pchalkova




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