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    C 937

    Please bring back the barricade option for the first game

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    Mathew Poole

    Big bug/problem with this patch re "The Plague is Here!" quest

    I love the game and when I heard about heartland I was excited for it.
    But now I'm just frustrated.

    And Quincy
    All dead because they didn't want to fight and would rather stand there literally doing nothing as two ferals and 3 screamers lead an army of zeds into the base.

    The only ones fighting were my player controlled Helena and the two NPCs. Mind you the only reason Ray didn't die was because of plot armour even tho he was downed twice.

    Please fix the incompetent AI, all they've done for me in heartland is walk around ignoring the danger.
    More then half the time they won't fight, won't defend themselves, or will run away only to run back bringing more zeds with them.

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    mike igtiben

    hey guys.. love the game.. but theirs a glitch on the wall at heartlands base.. zombies can go trough the wall.. also theres a glitch wit the mission when u do the town hall  survey.. if you die or start over.. u cant survey the town hall 

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    Michael Gantt

    Hello all, two of my characters got stuck inside the plague wall gauntlet. I looted the area "Army Cache" directly behind the "clocktower building". Behind this building is a basketball hoop with a ladder attached. It isn't accessible if you simply walk up to it, so i thought why not drive my vehicle underneath the hoop. From there I proceeded up the ladder but was unable to move. I switched to my other character I enlisted but they somehow got into a zone of the game I was restricted from (because I haven't destroyed the plague wall yet) I dismissed one of my characters and restarted my game but one of my survivors is stuck inside of the gauntlet. I can walk around and everything but i cant even use plague busters if i wanted because im inside the area already and the outside of the plague wall isn't exposed to me, any help would be appreciated

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    Here to report a “repair car” bug where, after you finish repairing, the car goes flying like it got hit by a juggernaut.

    Here is a link to Twitter of my capture of event:

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    Flying Cow

    Love State of Decay and the new Heartlands update. I just want to report a bug. During the mission “Retaking Trumbull: Meet the Enemy” if you quite/die during the mission, when you go back to play it you are unable to survey the “Gaunlet Center” (it is already surveyed and won’t trigger the dialogue with the Dr. Hoffman) blocking you from progressing through the mission.

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    Solus Vael

    Don't know if this is a bug or human error but it's been around since launch. The Brogan Sport, Rapscallion, and Survey Car vehicle light upgrade to the Hellion states it gets an increase to cargo capacity. But it doesn't increase it at all, the cargo stays at 5. However if you upgrade the Brogan Trekker which has 8 spaces of cargo stock it gets decreased to 5 because for some reason the storage container on the roof is removed. Why was this not corrected?

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    Kyle P

    There's a pretty bad car glitch when repairing your vehicle. Any vehicle I repairs slides sideways and then flys away. It was funny at first but then one of my cars flipped into my base and now it's stuck there upside down. Look at the #stateofdecay2 and there's quite a bit of people having the same problem.

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    Gerson Vindas

    Hey all, I am loving the DLC, though I think I have found a few glitches and I am not sure how to proceed as I cannot progress in the story. So I lost Quincy during a plage wall mission and I thought I would start over. Since then I noticed a couple survivors will not level up some skills.

    Keesha will level up all skills except gymnastics, no matter training, or videos at the lounge or running

    The pathologist also level up all the way except wits. Last star wont level up no matter trainings, video or scanvenging

     The tech lady that showed up on the first playthrough wont spawn anymore. I have been playing for hours and just wont show. 

    Story missions stop after checking the warehouse for the army guy and I cannot progress to get the upgrade for the lab to take the plage walls anymore. 

    I restarted the game 3 times and same thing happens. Even reset the game. 

    Besides that I have also encounter a glitch when you fix the cars they go flying and occationally when running over a zombi its like hitting a bomb and you go flying with the car and leaves it totalled. 

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    I have a glitch with the heartland dlc where I cant advance the story because there is no mission from the captain, and they’ve moved from the house the mission spawned at to a barn and there status is ‘unaware’ I exited the game and the next day when I came back the mission wont appear again, even after a 4 hours of playing, Help please!

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    Matt Foster

    I can also vouch for the flying car when repaired glitch.

    Also the game is hugely unforgiving with bloaters inflicted damage, but I guess that's something I'll just have to cope with better.

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    reece mcqueen

    I love the game but I keep getting put off because of the glitches my car blows up after repairing it and ive lost half my team through just not fighting and on doing the plague wall in the town i got surrounded by like 100 zombies juggernauts, bloaters the lot my partner died and I did to even though I took 2 blood plague cures so basically there was 2 chances of survival no chance and no f**king chance. Dosnt matter how good your character is if your surrounded like I was its good bye. Way to hard must be glitch to spawn that many at once. Just no point in playing if these glitches keep on ruining the game!

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    Terence Freemon


    Everytime I play "The Plague Is Here" or the mission were Captain Logan shows you how to beat the plague wall it takes soooooooo long to reload my gun, and it doesn't matter what gun it is, that either the majority of my team dies, and/or whatever character I'm playing on at the time dies. Every time no matter what. Though the fights are crazy lopsided with three or four of everything freak plague zombie, and a hundred regular plague zombies, which are all at least twice as aggressive as regular zombies and definitely twice as deadly since every hit is give you the plague, being able to fire off more than one clip or load out would be lifesaving. Plus, with that added aggression and extreme numbers, its twice as hard to heal yourself or administer the cure on the fly, or even eat a snack for some quick stamina. Love the new game mode it's the best one yet, love the base and the group you get to put together during the story, but most of them die before you really get to see what them or their facilities really do most of the time.

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    Izac Salazar

    Bug in the core game:

    For some reason, human NPC in enclaves are not appearing, when I go and visit an enclave most of the times they just don’t appear even when the a mission tells the exact location of the human NPC. The mark of the mission which tells the exact location of the human NPC is inside the enclave´s base but the npc of that mark is not where the mark says, is not anywhere.

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    red freedom

    i generally play co-op and i just started playing the game extensively, so i dont know how long this bug has been an issue. but when playing co-op something occurs to your co-op partner, where he glitches out or something of the like, and gets teleported back to you saying they're too far away when they were standing right next to me. it happens randomly and when entering vehicles especially.

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    Nathan McGrath

    Helloooo. Loving the new DLC 100%. Though I do have 2 things to report. 1 - is that my car's randomly go flying sideways after repairing them, not always just sometimes. 2 - I went to the Medical Tent 2 to create a case of bulk plague cure and the first 2 times I created it they didn't show in my inventory or supply locker but it took 12 plague samples and 4 meds each time I did create them. The 3rd time I created it it did then appear in my supply locker so I then I created 2 more so now I have 3 altogether. I then quit out of the game just after because I had to go, then when I did come back onto the game I got stuck in loading for like 10 mins, the game wouldn't load so I closed the game then reopened it and loaded my save, the game then loaded so I think there's a problem with creating those bulk plague cures. I was using Reba when I created them if that's of any help

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    Epic Troy (Epic Troy)

    It will be nice nice if y'all make it more easy to switch characters on the fly!😁

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    Terence Freemon

    Now if we could get some preservation of life updates, like NPCs that will heal themselves when their health gets low, and they have a healthy consumable. Or just the ability to administer health consumables to your survivors like the plague cure.

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