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    Epic Troy (Epic Troy)

    Great update so far!!! But I think you guys should let human enemies put up better fights, and let them kidnap community members for search and rescue missions and we should have all out wars with enemie enclaves like similar to the walking dead it would be cool!!! Also I believe we should get more and better gameplay improvements like better A.I community members being able to claim area's as outpost or food source based off there skills for us and finally matching tattoos, characters from the first game should return as well thanks.

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    Rob Robillard

    Great update!  Loads of fun.  Only running into one problem, some of the Zeds are under or inside buildings that can not be accessed thus can't be killed.  Kinda sucks when it comes to infestations

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    Before This update I bought over 34 red talon trying to get one with the hacking skill. After buying 35 I stopped and waited forma fix, now you guys made it so now we can see which Red Talon before we confirm and if we don't want we get 3000 refunded even though it cost 3250. Before This update I had 9200 in prestige now I'm down to 4800 all thanks to being refunded! Let us choose which Red Talon we want if not let us get a full refund! It doesn't make sense to not get a full refund on top of having to wait 45 min to purchase another one! FIX THIS GAME

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    Michael Sterling

    New patch, new problems. I noticed that when I'm at my base, if a zombie gets inside the base, my other characters just stand there and let the zombies attack them without fighting back.  If I don't watch for it, they just stand there, getting hit, until they die.  I lost one character to a plague zombie before I noticed and observed what was going on. I almost lost another character to a regular zombie, just standing there getting hit, over and over, and the other characters were also just standing there, right next to the attacking zombie and its victim, not responding to the threat.  Exited game, restarted, same problem. WTF?!  Doesn't appear to happen during a base wide attack event, just with the random attacks. Extremely annoying, forcing me to watch over every other character while attempting to manage facilities and re-arm for a scavenging run.

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    Daniel Oliveira

    I believe it's time to let us customize the survivors, or at least the basic traits of clothing and appearance on Xbox version. And i support all comments written before me. Keep the good work on this game Devs! Thanks!

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    Dell 4525

    Dear SOD2 Devs,

    Hello, Big fan of the game... Been around since SOD 1. I have been really enjoying the new game and I really appreciate the zedhunter dlc.

    I just ran into an issue though with my daybreak.... whenever I spawn in a survivor from red Talon, thus purchase with my hard worked for prestige.... it gives me a female every time.... this is fine and all... but its a serious bug. I hate to go all out on a leg here but special forces would probably be more male than female.... its just frustrating that I only have female red talon peeps. Its especially relevant for the classic red talon variety... because thats what ive been experiencing it with. I know you guys just added that feature pretty recent within the last report so it may have some looking into.

    I have also been experiencing some pretty rough lag spikes while playing wave mode in daybreak... Its only a problem when you have 4 people. I know random matches hurts and premium internet would help. But most of everyone I ever met on daybreak has been experiencing headless zombies attacking them. Some zombies rubber band into you and others will rubber band back when the lag gets pretty bad. I have had instances where my game crashed completely due to this. And I have had times where the server kicks me with no reward "mostly in the end of a match when you are about to win 'Of course'". Now with this bug i dont know if it is a bug or morose server setup flaw.

    -Honestly... I'd like to see the daybreak soldiers somewhat in a group and you get to choose one or whatever.
    Plus prestige is already a pain to grind for. The truth of it is the traits/personal skills are hidden anyways so why cant you choose the best looking one of the 3 "example".

    -Maybe a week during christmas break to rally people to daybreak offering double prestige and in game events like such to collect a bigger player-base.

    -It would be cool to to create a character based on their facial feature and clothing. It just feels so much more immersive when you play as that one character that resembles you, especially in near death experiences you feel a higher connection to the character rather than letting him slip. Even if it was select the face from the selection and the clothing from the selection, this still would be a really cool feature.

    Once Again, I love what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work.

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    Pleaaaaaase Admins who make this game possible and awesome as ever. Please grant my request, fix the crash cuz everytime I play for like 10-20mins It always crash. Fix this and pretty sure lots of people that plays this game will eventually come back and supports you guys till the end with a smile!

    PS. I'm a huge fan from Philippines! Keep it up! Thanks for making me happy, I'd rate it 9/10 if you guys fix my request and let all my friends here play your game <3

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    My game won’t update on XBox one. There’s no patch or anything new on my system. What do I do?

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    Strelok Arkady

    I cant finish the last mission for warlord legacy. I kill last group of ai , mission stays but with no objective and my guy repeats his scripted dialog, no ending , no boon.....help please? :(

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    • It is stated that in the Update 5.0 Patch notes that you have fixed an issue with it being extraordinarily difficult to walk using the analog stick. I would just like to confirm that it it has not been fixed only improved or atleast on the PC platform. Before it was virtually impossible to slow walk and now it is aggravatingly difficult however at least the skilled team at undead labs did notice this was an issue in the first place and took the necessary steps to improve upon the analog movement. However when I play a game I personally like to have that feeling of total control over my player character movements and I still find that I can't control the player characters in stat of decay 2 after update 5.0 as much as I would like. I've used numerous controllers from the Xbox one elite(preferred) to the standard Xbox one and xbox 360 with all remaining too sensitive to go from slow walk- to walk- to jog. I understand this problem isn't as easy to fix as it sounds but would much appreciate it to get some attention by Undead Labs. I would also like to see an addition of a toggleable walk option for mouse and keyboard support. Thank You

      Loyal Fan

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    Mike Easterling

    Same issue as Strelok Arkady reported above.  I kill all of the human members of the coalition in the "Smash the coalition" final legacy challenge and then nothing happens.  Search the bodies, nothing, look around nothing.  Xbox one and Xbox one X affected.  All plague hearts gone, confirmed with radio. Go back to my base and just sit there. 

    Check on map and the "smash the coalition" tag is still active but nothing new appears.  What can I do?

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    Apolonio Dornelas

    how to reduce the drop of frames in the state of decay 2 by playing in xbox one x?

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    Splash -

    How awesome would it be if Juggernauts could throw other zombies at you.

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    Nettó György

    You should make juggernauts to grab zombies and use them to fight you.

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    Malachi Ashley

    Looking forward to difficulty settings. Still on my first play through, but I'm totally going to finish all the legacies and consider buying the DLC. I'm pretty hardcore and like feeling somewhat powerless, vs OP. 

    Thank you for the free content. You just won yourself a fan for life. I'll be pre-ordering the next one for sure.  

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    How do I respect my skills?. I've looked on YouTube and game forums and there's no guide how to.

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    JMATS 01

    Coleman just left my community and took all the really good items with him! How do I get the items back? I tried killing him but could not. This sucks really bad! How do I get back the items from him?!?!?

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    We do not need difficulty,all we need is a new map. Seriously i am getting bored with the game already... i was hoping this month we getting it but its something else.

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    C. David Shada

    Could we get an increase in community members? I think this would add a lot to the game especially when maxed at 11.

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    shane thrones

    Way to ruin a perfectly good game.. first one was awesome, but you killed it with the blood plague zombies and small communities ... not to mention why cant you fix your community walls or fortify it in any way ... you spent to much time on blood plague and stupid crap when you should of been working on the community... having a cap was a horrible idea who only wants 12 members when you could have 50.. man this game WAS going somewhere but yea i no longer support it too bad i waisted money on the first one if this is what i was investing in

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