Update 7.0 - Choose Your Own Apocalypse




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    Deontae Sylvester

    When does it update

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    Stan Sebastian G

    How do you trigger the update in Microsoft Store?

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    Austin Kanode


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    insidious731 lex

    So I updated the new patch on my new PC and I transferred one of my gameplays to the new nightmare mode and when it loaded as soon as I left my base and ran into a freak pack my game closed on its own and continues to do that every time I try to play it

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    C. David Shada

    So is it basically better to almost fully complete the game in standard and then switch to nightmare mode in order to earn the nightmare Boon? Will the boon still be earned?

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    Daniel Cala

    Después de esta actualización, el juego cierra segundos después de la apertura. De hecho, es bastante molesto esperar tanto tiempo para una actualización y que esta actualización viene rompiendo el juego entero. Voy a ver si desinstalar e instalar de nuevo se soluciona, si no, estoy arriba atornillada : /


    Edit: After installing again, the problem has been fixed

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    William Hudson

    Experiencing major lag on co-op that was not there yesterday. I can connect to m friend for maybe 2-3 minutes, and it disconnects me.  

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    Jarin Xeno

    Can you please look into the bug where you randomly can't fight or climb until you attempt a grapple.  Always seems to happen during a plague hart mission and gets my survivor infected.

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    Stan Sebastian G

    Things I would love to see to play State of Decay 2 24/7.

    Open Server: Have the ability to have a PvP setting where multiple players can take up their own home bases. They can either team up or just stay hostile towards each other.

    Multiple Bases / Manned Outposts: Having multiple "home" bases or Manned Outposts will give us more incentive to focus our attention on areas that need help. Lets say an outpost / base is under attack from raiders or zombies. We would have to go there and defend or salvage what's left of it. Then imagine having 2 bases under attack, we'd have to choose which one to deal with.

    Roaming Survivors / Raiders: Its pretty lame having NPC just be in houses. Have them drive cars and chase you and attack you on the road everywhere. Its so lame that you just encounter them in houses all the time. Imagine seeing a survivor getting chased by raiders, and you can intervene or just let it happen to stay safe.

    Base building: I like defending my base. The more the zombies attack the more fun I have. But I want to be able to control the situation a little bit. Allow us to put up walls or fences in specific areas to block them or funnel them however we please. I'm tired of using vehicles to block holes in the defenses. Give us walls, sandbags, barbed wire and let them all be destructible so we have to manage our base more.

    City Biome: Give us a city to play with. Give us verticality so we can really appreciate the graphics and landscape. The city would be fun because it can be so congested and much more difficult navigating the streets as zombies are closer in proximity.

    Motorcycles: Driving around is fun. But more fun with a motorcycle with or without a sidecar for a passenger or supplies. 

    Please please please consider any of these. The game would be more engaging and addictive if we had more freedom and options like this. So far the latest choose your apocalypse update got bland really fast. It just became tougher in the same confines we were given at the start.

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    Lourens vd merwe

    A feature I would love to see is "Sandbox Mode"

    Make us able to select this mode upon entering the game;

    We select a starting map and then we can tweak various things in the world.

    For example, drop rates of certain items, amount of zombies, amount of survivors, day night cycle, xp rate, difficulty, amount of gas used ect.

    Make us able to create our own world and play as we like.

    I would also love a city map with big buildings, I Am Legend style. This would compliment the engine so much.

    Cheers & keep up the good work!

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    Pierluigi Pastorino

    After this update my State of decay 2 crash after lunch......



    - <System>
      <Provider Name="Application Error" />
      <EventID Qualifiers="0">1000</EventID>
      <TimeCreated SystemTime="2019-03-28T10:19:02.445835700Z" />
      <Security />
    - <EventData>
      <Data>C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.Dayton_1.3427.85.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\StateOfDecay2\Binaries\UWP64\StateOfDecay2-UWP64-Shipping.exe</Data>
      <Data>C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.Dayton_1.3427.85.2_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\StateOfDecay2\Binaries\UWP64\StateOfDecay2-UWP64-Shipping.exe</Data>
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    Big Lou

    Hi UL! Great update, but it seems that now any characterss with the stealth skill will not move quicker while sneaking. Also, after evicting a character, if that character gets attacked and knocked down by zombies, my game crashes. (The crashing occurred before the update)

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    Layneyale Main

    Hello, Sorry this post is going to be a bit long so please bear with me, i hope you'll be able to understand...

    I think introducing the game to a chain saw or a ripping type weapon would be awesome.

    There are two bugs I've noticed since 7.0 patch. They are directly linked together.

    Sometimes you'll get gliched and fall through the map. Its tethering the player before the 400m or so is met. There's also no warning of being tethered. Outta no where you just fall through the map. When the game loads you back in your tethered into the car the other person is driving. Not a big deal buuuuuut the second part of this issue is that you're invisible in the vehicle. The other person your playing with can see you. However you can't... That being said it wouldnt allow me to get out of said vehicle until you got back to base. I also had to push Y alot to basically glitch back inTo the game.

    I've encounted this error twice with two different players I've played with online. Just thought I'd mention this to help you guys out. Keep fuckin' rockin' this shit🤘🤘🤘

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    New weapons will be really cool.

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    Connor Shucksmith

    So i've only been playing the new update for less than an hour, on Xbox. Only one issue so far, but it's kind of a major one... my stealth characters no longer move quickly when crouched. The text that states that ability isn't even there anymore on the character screen. But pre-update, on their skills in the character menu, that was one of the abilities.

    I have 2 characters with this skill, or I did. They're the only 2 I actively use and that's specifically because of the fast sneaking. It's a must for me. Sure, I can still 'sprint while sneaking', but c'mon guys. Please put this back in. 

    Personally, I don't mind if you have to have the characters slightly creep forward on their own again, if it means having quicker sneaking again, without sprinting.

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    crash rightreous

    How long is the Day/Night cycle in real time after this update?

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    Jacob Scott

    This update is amazing. Nightmare mode is really scary and intense. I moved a builder legacy group to Whitney field on nightmare. The car explosion glitch triggered under these circumstances but it seems to be less wonky than before. Thanks for all the hard work! This is becoming my favorite game ever.

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    Dylan M

    After switching back to nightmare mode i switched back to normal mode and i lost my legacy boons despite already unlocking them in normal mode and nightmare mode,  is there any fix

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    I just want new content/new map not this. I don't understand why majority think this game is too easy. Games are suppose to be easy when you have max your stats,ultimate weapon, best of everything not harder. Wait a week or 2 and there will be people complaining about Nightmare still too easy. Guys, when you beat the game, move on, go play another games, if you keep playing you gonna get better and better and of coz it will be easy for you.


    I like some of QOL improvement, now I have some peace on my safezone.  

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    Kristina Moore

    Love the update but now my follower will sometimes disappear or get stuck and then come falling out of the sky next to me when I leave. It's like they got abducted by aliens and then returned.

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    Meka Elliott

    Yes, this update caused my follower to sink through the ground and come crashing down out of the sky, causing injuries.

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    stevaughn williams

    Hey so this bug where zombies spawn right out of thin air while im searching a building forcing me to have to use my melee still hasnt been fixed. When playing nightmare mode the smallest noise can be detrimental to attracting even more zombies getting me killed.

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    Playing on Xbox One. Coming back after a long while.

    I've seen documentation on the first bug I'm having, but they are from some time ago, and all answers keep pointing to Elite controller settings, which I dont have. I haven't changed any difficulty settings for CYOA, but they are there, indicating the recent update. However, all of my vehicles are now slow as dirt. I can literally sprint faster than most of them on foot. They move at normal speed in reverse, but granny gear in normal direction. Also, not very much, but *slightly* faster off road than on. This is not limited to one save: all of my communities suffer from this.

    Also encountered a mission (twice) that kept perpetually spawning screamers until the person I was tasked to protect died. I don't mean more walked towards the area. I mean they kept appearing in the same room of this house the stranger was in, and said survivor kept meleeing the hordes pouring in the one window instead of retreating. I shoot the screamer (complete with +10 influence confirmation) , and another one appears in its place. I've learned to live with zeds teleporting in from nowhere, but *that* is a bit much. Hopefully that is a dynamic mission error specifically from protecting and only applies to screamers. Undying ferals would be enough to rage delete.

    Speaking of undying, I still get the occasional decapped zombie (sound and gibs) still getting up attacking me until I re-explode their missing head (sound again, but obviously no gibs). Frequent enough to mention.

    Also, not so much a bug as a major annoyance:
    that "more accurate hostile survior" thing seems a bit skewed even on standard difficulty. I'm being spotted and downed by people well outside the draw distance and killed in two shots. On standard. Had more survivors die post update than my entire run this far in normal gameplay. I go back to get my revenge and dropped gear with another survivor expecting to steal whatever sniper rifle they are obviously armed with, and the hostile has... an unsighted crossbow? Broken handgun? So, I can barely shoot them at 30ft with a scoped rifle unlessI vaguely shoot under the red diamond and hope they're taking damage, but some random too far to show up even in broad daylight can pick me off with two well placed bolts or bullets at night, through a horde I'm trying to use as cover (and conveniently not going after said hostile with loud, unsupressed handgun fire)? That's some fancy shooting. Or another phrase that escapes me at the moment... what is it... bull... something... Point on that one is "challenging" isn't the same as "cheap". The only one remotely fair was a TC merc "took over my group" mission that had them armed with a z grenade launcher that is more prevalent now than handgun ammo, and the group pinned me down while the merc snuck behind me and gassed me to death. Tactical. Unexpected. But fair. Getting shot at three backyards away from an unseen location, while sneaking, from someone not even close enough to banter is not.

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    Wenn ich spiele und einen Zombie angreife sagt sich der Charakter in den unmöglichsten Situationen nein danke . Der Angriff funktioniert dann nicht oder er versucht auch wenn man direkt davor steht ihn zu packen. Und im Großen Wachturm   ( Scharfschützen Turm gehen die Charaktere nur noch bis zu ersten hälfte nicht mehr bis ganz hoch ). Auf dauer ist das extrem nervig . Sind mir mit dem Phänomen  schon mehrere Charaktere gestorben so macht das echt keinen Spaß mehr.

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    Tabiese Ksheyna

    It was said 7.0 wouldn't affect Daybreak but you no longer see boaters, ferals, and juggernauts on the mini map. That's only supposed to be in the main game on dead and nightmare. Also today I seen a feral climb up on top of a container. Never seen that. Would love to when these changes are made so we know before it kills us.  Also I like to add the multiplayer glitching and lag.  Alot friends stop playing because that, some wont go to nightmare to play together because it.  Friends lost characters on standard when it first came out do to this issue.  It's still a major problem.  Happy the multiplayer reward system was fixed though.

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    Guddang 775

    I can confirm that Juggernauts, Bloaters, and Ferals are not appearing on the mini map in Daybreak. Also my following survivors keep falling from the sky when getting out of a car.

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    Anyone else get hit with the invincible hostile npc bug yet? It's rage inducing on nightmare mode. I'm still so angry over what just happened lol.

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    Meine NPc´s fallen über jede erdenkliche Stufe und Brechen sich dabei auch noch was. auf dauer ist das echt nicht mehr lustig und macht somit auch keinen Spaß mehr.// Werde warten bis evtl ein Hotfix oder ähnliches kommt damit man wieder normal spielen kann.

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    Guddang 775

    Is Trader call ins broken in Nightmare mode? I haven't been able to call in a single Trader. 7 days in so far. What is the point of being a Trader in Nightmare mode if you can't call in Traders?

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    Alpha Wolfman98

    (Xbox One) Me and my friends can’t join anyone’s game sessions it just keeps coming up with Error Code 3 This means that your connection to the host was lost. This can happen if the host disconnects or ends the multiplayer session. It can also happen if your internet connection went down or flickered. Sometimes that will result in a disconnection (Error Code 3) which doesn’t make sense because it’s been happening to a lot of people I have come across on daybreak plus me and my friends internet connection are the same as they have always been. Could it be something to do with the increase of players since the Nightmare and Dread Update. Hope you guys fix this soon I’ve been wanting to run through the legacies on Nightmare with my friend but haven’t been able to join each other’s games since 2 days after the Nightmare and Dread Update.

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