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  • Guys, I think we should be able to keep 2 saves of Heartland, one for each couple of characters. Was awful lose my old save even I had finish the story (cause I dont know if you gonna continue that story, I HOPE YES!!!). You guys could make a HIGHLIGHT of each character in heartland in the site, just to make more content about them. Maybe a few about the story of each, or about their families, or jobs...
    The main game is less atractive now, so maybe create a costumization mode, where you can create 3 characters, iniciate with them, or have to find them spread in the map. When you complete a big mission, like for exemple, kill the 3 jugernauts around a building that this characters is traped, or activate the power plant to give energy to others comunities, you could be able to recruit one of them, like a Hero. Create more discovers about the story of the plage, and the apocalipse, or about Lilly, MARKUS, MAYA, EDD, and maybe create cinematics in the main game like in the end of heartland, using the game's own engine, it would be cool! I love this game! I loved Heartland! Im very proud and happy with heartland! Thank you Undead Labs!

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    Daniel Kloppman (dSizzle)

    This was a 7GB update. These notes you released come nowhere near 7 gigabytes of data. What did you add/fix that took 7GB? This feels VERY sketchy and wrong

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    MAXz Geni

    Por favor liberem outro espaço pra comunidade no hartland

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    João paulo Silva Oliveira

    more easy wave 5 daybreak. why? why not?

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    Raymond Castro

    The game has bugs survivors just stand around and dosent help fight back,zombies glitch through base fences lost alot of survivors cause of it won't be playing til it get address

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    Randolph Huang

    There's bug with the skill "heroism": the special move lep sweep/grand slam/shove is not unctional at all.
    Also, there's always network failure code 4 with co-op after patch 9.1

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    Matthew Clemmer

    In the next patch, could you make the cleo core act more like the one in Heartland?

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    Do you all suppose you could get around to addressing the issue of ineffective safe zones? As the game stands now, zeds consistently wander into the main base even with soundproofing skill and no risk of attack. The entire point of capturing an outpost is to have a safe place to restock and change characters while providing a "safe-ish" radius where at the very least, hordes and freaks SHOULD NOT spawn so closely that I can see them populate outside the storefront. What should have come with Heartland was the ability to set traps in the safe radius like in the 1st State of Decay and have land mines wipe out any hordes wandering through safe zones. Currently, they just have free reign and it doesn't matter if you have eliminated every Plague Heart and infestation within a 1500 meter radius. The spawns are out of control and it completely destroys any attempt to make a strategic string of outposts to control limited areas of the map while venturing out for scavenging runs. It's not that fun to play and it's only because everything you do as a player is pointless. Might as well stick to Daybreak.

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    Leonard Shelby

    Fix the difficulty. My followers and NPC Survivors are dying all the time!!! I finished Nightmare without much trouble but the default difficulty for Heartland is absurd. Why is there no difficulty options? I cannot enjoy this frustrating game at all. Not fun to play what so ever.

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