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    Jason Hennessey

     so I've just had a quick 30min game and i have noticed few things wrong with the latest update
    1. when you are in a car the camera doesn't follow properly 
    2. gunslinging is not nearly as accurate (almost useless) 
    3. scrolling up and down missions on the map screen doesn't work
    anyone else having these issues????
    JasonicBoom  on X-box 1 elite console  

    do like the improvements, ammo crafting fuel and tool kit loading 

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    Been playing for a few hours and am really happy with everything so far! :)

    Followers appear to have been fixed, they are attacking enemies properly now, either that or I'm just lucky today, hoping for the former lol. Thank you guys so much for this fix!

    The ability to teleport gas and tool kits is a welcome addition.\

    The frame rate on my xbox one is much better, especially in the more urban neighborhoods. 

    I was thrilled when I came across a horde and it was like twelve zombies or something. Much better, and still looking forward to further difficulty updates! *crosses fingers for Breakdown 2.0* or something similar. 

    I hope someday there are "scenarios" added to the game, kind of like scenarios in the old Sim City snes game. Like playing a scenario where a certain resource is depleted and must be crafted/bought at really high prices, or having the place over run with sickness. The possibilities are limitless and would be a great addition for replay-ability/longevity. 

    Again, thank  you Undead Labs and everyone involved with making this game so amazing! It keeps getting better and better!

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    Chris Worst (Wa7ch7ower)

    The improved frames on xbox is great thank you! Looks very close to 60 frames. Hope you guys fixed the saving issues, lost 12 hours of gameplay last Saturday. Now I make a habit of exiting the game every couple hours to ensure my saves are keeping up.
    One problem I am noticing is that on xbox the audio is really snappy and poppy, I hear constant pops and crackles now that I did not before.
    There seems to be more zombies around now which is cool, makes the game more difficult. Sound also seems to attract the zeds easier. Good stuff, keep it coming!

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    After the update my survivors lost the ability to learn skills from books.
    If the book is in the survivor inventory they dont appear as a possibility to use. Can u guys check that out?

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    Un Listed

    Soooo my big issue is the 15+ zombie hords that just kinda apear near u which gets outa hand quick and well, ive lost 3 char I put alot of work into...I get u wanna give us a challenge but shit...no warning, no alerts just poof massive invisible zombie hords kinda suck ...am I the only one getting killed by invisble hords here?

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    Ben Mcdonald

    Hey since there was No FAQ for my question I’m asking here can you play the daybreak dlc without the dlc like for Honers arcade

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    Alberto Cuevas

    My day counter isn't going up now iv been on the same day for atleast 20 hours of play

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    Alberto Cuevas

    Okay now it finally reset, but I was having a problem before with using up 15 materials a day when I should only be using 5 and this day reset it took 18 materials away.. Plez halp me fix this :(

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    Un Listed

    Gold star and a cookie for the improved frame rates and smoother overall look to the gsme....and kudos to who got the female voice actors....a few of the voices ...I said a few fuck the annoying high pitch nagging bitch piss and moan voices...but the other few.....thumbs iup undead labs...thumbs up

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    Trent Aldridge

    Digging the update. I would love to see the plague hearts need like three stages to kill. Like destroy 1/3 health make invulnerable for 10 secs before damading again. I hatr that I can just my 150 drum gun on full auto and kill it in a few seconds with no real challenge.

    I would also love some item scavenging respawn even if its slow.

    Lastly you should make like a swarming heard of like 30-40 zeds that slowly randomly roam around main streets in map or something. Where when you see it you truly feel like you have to avoid unless you want a real fight. 

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    Roberto Cabral

    There is just to many zombies now.. And they spawn from nothing!! You dont have time to breath, they are coming all the time. They really should make a Option to turn on and off all those zombies.

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    Frederic Normand

    Excellent update which has reinforced the zombie threat.
    I have noticed a bug which is particularly annoying: in stealth mode, my character is moving by itself with no possibility to make it stop except in interrupting stealth mode. When I am pushing a direction, the character is entering sprint mode without any loss of stamina. 

    I am playing on xbox

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    I think it would be better if we have a seasoning system ( I’m Just saying) But it would be better if The game has raining Or snowing or thunders And you have to fight cold to survive

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    please read before updateing  2019

    I hope it would be in the new map a City that has skyscrapers with many floors and rooms. And also big malls

    2-put the animals in the game some are friendly and can be part of our team....They can help us search like dogs .....and they other are zombies like dogs and birds (crows)

    3-more details in graphics in using weapons like when you pull the trigger and shoot...to more realistic especially when there are zombies near the characters would still carry the weapon and do not hide it quickly


    **** I tried connecting  with you to send suggestions a bout the new update in 2019 but I couldn't find exactly the right place to send it to  you **** 

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    Still a few issues. Can't recruit talon. Get a message I need more space. Have room for 10 and only 7 used. Also plz do so we can have more than 9 people

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    Jeremy McDonald

    Have to agree with what others have mentioned.  I don't mind the increase in zombies, but I DO mind the fact that large groups of zombies spawn in from nowhere right next to you.  It breaks immersion and makes it really difficult to enjoy the game.  Additionally, zombies are so prevalent now that it's foolish to actually use the new crossbows, as you're just asking to get overwhelmed.  In addition, near constant zombie incursions on allied enclaves makes interacting with them frustrating at best.  It would help if they wouldn't constantly lock their doors...

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    ZX Kamikaze

    j'ai  torche le jeux a mort il et juste super merci a l'équipe mai il manque un truk   pour un fun  un truk  explosif du  style  un moyen de change la difficulté avoir une interface dans les option du style la consommation du  carburant du véhicule le niveaux de difficulté ou  alors même un truk pour allonger fortement le jeux avec une option  qui propose de fair respawn tous les resources qu'on  a prix mettons dans une maison .  un système de fout exemple the long dark  l'interface des option qui permette de change la difficulté de la chose sa serait génial  passe que les véhicule prend tro  de carburant les gas j'ai  jamais  vu  une voiture ou  un fourgon dépense  la moitié  en  3 minute de conduit  bref ou même rajout des mods  sa aussi  sa serait génial  

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    Caelon Range

    Change the red talon back to %100 overpowered. it's not fair I spent money and countless hours for them just for them to have negative traits. I don't understand why some1 would ask for them to be less overpowered, they must have mental problems. I've been a supporter for near 5 years. Also allow a option for the increase in zombies becuz some ppl don't like loads of zombies that spawn out of nowhere, some prefer the amount of zombies there were before the latest patch. Also daybreak solo is too hard. Please enable all fighting and shooting special moves and the stack of consumables/items skill and maybe blade lethality. It's too hard to complete all waves. Please I beg you. Please make these changes because I'm really unhappy with the game considering I've been supporting the state of decay series for near 5 years.

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    weston “wmsgaming” stephens

    I love the idea of bigger hordes it is much better than like 3 Lol. Gunslinging ability is not locking on. And i have been experiancing a huge spawn rate increase on hordes and special infected. Especially the juggernauts and screamers. Hordes are spawning like crazy. I have 6 outposts around my base, i walked out and there was 2 large hordes i counted around 26 zombies and not too mention the feral right behind them. My top tier survivor with maxed out skills almost died and when i walked back home s juggernauts was standing right outside my outpost line. Its getting a little crazy.... sorry for any grammar mistakes im on my phone lol. Ps mystery missions are coming up alot more then regular, it took me 5hrs just to recruit 2 people because the mystery missions spawn more than recruit missions and they are becoming quite repetitive and more of a nuisance than a mystery.


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    Caelon Range

    Also add more missions or at least something different in State of decay 2 daybreak. Its same thing over and over and over again unlike the main game mode, after you get all the prestige u need there literally no point of playing daybreak and it shouldn't feel that way.  but daybreak could at least be more fun cuz after a day it's literally boring and playing solo daybreak is nearly impossible  to complete all waves unless your playing multiplayer it seems, it's too hard. Which makes me not want to play daybreak even more. The only way to complete it, is to have internet to play multiplayer with random people that somewhat can help me unlike the NPC's when I'm not playing daybreak multiplayer. It's really terrible. Plz fix. 

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    weston “wmsgaming” stephens

    Some suggestion.
    A school base.

    What happen to large shopping males like the one in the town in statenof decay 1?

    Regular bows.

    Animals for hunting and recruiting like a previous comment said. Honostly i feel like hunting for food would be amazing. And will also cause challenge when in the woods and stuff. And if your low on food then you can hunt instead of scavenge. It will also alow better use for the kitchen as you would need one to prepare and cook meat.

    More drama with other enclaves. Like maybe certain people in your group dont like certain people in another. This will allow for missions specifically to help woth the characters get over feelings and stuff.

    Old friend missions. Have missions pop up to recruit a person from an old community.(kind of like the breakdown mission.)

    New special infected? Maybe add the blood plague special infected into regular game play.

    Relationships. This can add mission similar to the first game were you have to take them out and help with there problems. This will also help with the negative feelings and morale. Dating can improve morale and make some cute dialog along with moral bonuses but they can get into fights, make others jealous, etc.

    This will also allow for more risk when someone threatens to leave because if someone is bestfriends with eachother they might leave with them. This will also give insight into getting to know your community and immerse gameplay with them instead of just being another character.

    Suicide. Some people just cant handle the apocolypse and low moral. This will also go along with relations. For example if your attached to a lover and that character dies. He might be enclined to A. Leave the community as he feels the community did not put enough effort into saving them. Or B. Decides to join them in the after life.

    I know suicide is a very touchy subject but it is a mere suggestion.



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    Caelon Range

    And if u can add a option for ppl who want their red talon 85% overpowered becuz I personally love the 100% overpowered red talon and I hate the fact that it's now 85%. plz change

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    CPBK -008

    Why can i no longer use my PDP Xbox One Controller, I could use it before in September when i played it last. I've done every type of fix and the game will not detect my controller.

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    George Kelner

    Can you allow us to retrain a character’s 5th specialized skill?

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    Lucas Whine (lucas7805)
    As many people have reported the sheriff legacy mission, "gone missing" is buggy. 
    In fact it is impossible to kill the raiders because they are not hostile.
    I have tried multiple times but there is no solution.
    This makes the final mission unplayable! Please correct this bug!
    Thank you.
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    Trent Wolter

    I have a bug when I play with others sometimes I get stuck in cars and my camera zooms in only since 6.0

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    Brooke Barnes

    This game is so fucking buggy!!!! Everytime I switched characters in MP, it would put me in the furniture so I had to quit out and be re-invited back in. Alt-Tabbing out of the game would cause it to disconnect.

    Having more lootable spots for a host then joined players makes the game boring for both parties.

    What a disappointing piece of trash this game turned out to be

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    Ryder GS (olli43)

    Noticed the zombie hordes yo I'm liking the quantity and not the quality.
    Zombies act more like humans and less like sluggish zombies ... Just my two cents... Noticing and interacting with cars is unrealistic along with the damage they do to the car is just unbalanced.

    When crouching with the stealth perk I seem to be able too Sprint without needing to hold down the Sprint button and my character moves forward constantly in stealth/crouch mode. Is this a bug or a "fan favorite addition" if so plz give us the option. The movment should go back to the way it was when it first came out .

    We should also be able to turn the graphics down to medium on Xbox one for a high fps.

    I also doubt I'm the only one having issues with combat detection... It seems to me you guys have only worked on patching the zombies and not the player movement... The zombies are fine! Leave them be cus theyre hive mind is OP while the casual player is just trying to explore, survive and do everything the trailers for this game promised. . What you need to do is fix the slow movment for the player.
    And the melee detection for attacking zombies cause Everytime I'm on grass or yano out in the woods, my character never hits the zombie my hit goes completely through the zombie and I am punished with a chomp and 3 hits from his friends with a plague zombies bitting me not only a milisecond after I am released from a grab... Like wtf why do they predict everything I do and lounge attack when they fail... But then also yell and shout for help from other zombies if it fails again... Which is rare cause a Zed laying down can get up and lunge with a 2 hit combo in a matter of miliseconds while the player gets stunned for 6 seconds strait if I grab a zombie from the front...........

    I don't have a problem with any of the ferals or Juggernaut's but the bloaters spawn right in front of my camera ... I play in 4k hdr with brightness turnt down for a realistic feel and bloaters tend to not give af about the new Xbox one x I just got and spawn/lay in places where the player is definitely gonna go you just hide it behind map logo's. I lost characters do to my melee attacks not hitting zombies. I waste packs of plague cure cause plague zombies have better acrobatics skills than any human being in the game besides the ones that just turnt. And my legendary charcter that gas been through 7 playthrough with ACROBATICS , STEALTH(won't stay still while crouched) , CLOSE COMBAT(impossible for combat unless on concrete), GUNSLINGING(everyone knows this is never gonna work again) , is now the most unless character due to your lazy update's.

    Bottom line I love the game ladies and gentlemen of development and marketing.. but only when it first came out .. I had no bugs and I could do as I please ... But then again they had no respect books so buying this game was a regret... But I'll play it anyways..

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    Ryder GS (olli43)

    Acrobatics (the rolling Dodge is slower less responsive easier for zombies to predict and definitely worse than the default Dodge plz just extend the default Dodge animation's distance and delete the rolling one or give us the option ...)*

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    Ryder GS (olli43)

    Useless character due to your lazy updates

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